What is PEPE?

Pepe, originally known as "Pepe the Frog," is a cartoon character created by artist Matt Furie in 2005 for his comic series called "Boy's Club." Pepe is depicted as a laid-back, anthropomorphic frog who often finds himself in humorous and absurd situations with his friends. Initially, Pepe's character was relatively obscure, but he gained widespread popularity when internet users began sharing images of him as a meme.

Pepe's popularity as a meme soared across various online communities and social media platforms, where users repurposed and modified his images to convey a wide range of emotions, reactions, and cultural references. Over time, Pepe became a versatile and widely recognized symbol in internet culture, with countless iterations and interpretations created by users worldwide.

Despite his innocent origins, Pepe's image has been appropriated for various purposes, sometimes associated with controversial or offensive content. As a result, Pepe's creator, Matt Furie, has expressed frustration over the character's misuse and has sought to reclaim control over his creation.

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